Our “Ruanda-Project” has been existing for  25 years now.

In 1995, one year after the genocide, we went to Rwanda for the first time with a group of pupils from Bad Oeynhausen and met the people in Ruli.

This visit was the basis for many more visits and friendships.

Are you interested in the development and activities of the project so far?

Are you interested in Rwanda, its terrible history, but also its hopeful future?

You want to know more about our association IKIRARO, founded in 2017?

Here you will find further information.

We went to Ruli again at the beginning of 2019 and collected many new impressions – with many new ideas and plans for the future!

Have fun discovering our website.

And visit us again from time to time!


One thought on “Freundeskreis IKIRARO e.V.

  1. Thanks for your new projekt, which is IKIRARO Projekt. And I would like to take this opportunity to share some brilliant comments about Ruanda project again, as witness of good impacts of that project, since 1995 Ruli cell was a real village without an hope of future like many parts of Rwanda as well because of Genocide, but after you guys me and many pupils you helped us at least to find a way of sun shine again. You started with small things but in that times was like dream for us. Thanks once again and I would like to be one of part of IKIRARO projekt. Murakoze

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