Partnership Pastoraler Raum ‘WerreWeser’ and
Parish St. Dominic, Ruli, Rwanda

The partnership with St. Dominic is the project of the Catholic “WerreWeser” parishes and the parish of Ruli.
Their orientation and the participation of the parishes take place in Rwanda and here by means of the “Partnership Committees”. They are the interface for the cooperation of the people in our communities with those in the parish of St. Dominic, Ruli, and their neighbouring communities.
The focus of the activities in Rwanda lies in the charitable, school and church sectors of the parish of St. Dominic, Ruli. For 10 years the projects have been clear signs of our solidarity with the people of Rwanda. In our communities we inform about it. Through groups and individuals, they collect the donations that we can use in Ruli

It is especially important to us provide regular personal Meetings between young people and adults from the “WerreWeser” area and those from our partner community St. Dominic. Further information under “Life” on the homepage: .

Examples for projects:
Help for families in need (kindergarten fees, purchase of tin roofs);

courses for adults who cannot read, write and calculate;

in emergencies, the costs of surgeries and follow-up care;

promotion of church initiatives and further training events;

training for unemployed young people (autogenous welding);

through our study fund we allow highly gifted young people from poor families to study

– Karl Gunia –