A great step for the Primary School in Ruli:


At the beginning of October, Alphonse, the headmaster of the Primary School in Ruli, informed us that from mid-October all 842 pupils of the Primary School in Ruli will be provided with lunch. The government paid for the cooking pots and pans and the basic equipment to prepare the meals and will also permanently cover 30% of the costs, the parents will cover the remaining 70% of the costs for the meals.

However, they still needed large pans and pots to serve the food in each classroom. Upon request, we received a detailed list of the required utensils and the corresponding costs. After internal coordination, we quickly agreed that this project should definitely be supported and the amount of about € 750.00 was transferred to the elementary school to buy, among other things, the 26 required pots on site:

The feeding program started on Monday this week on October 18 – and, as you can see, rice with beans was served:

We are very happy for the children and we wish them a good appetite!

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