Food prices are currently rising worldwide – especially in Africa. In Rwanda, for example, rice became almost 30% more expensive between April and June 2022, and sweet potatoes even 50% more expensive. The price of firewood is also climbing steadily.

This of course endangers the quality and also the quantity of the school lunch program in the primary school Ruli, in the longer term even the complete program might be questioned, since already now many parents cannot afford the cost price contribution of 70% of the arising costs, i.e. approx. € 22.50 per year.

We have therefore decided recently to organize further supplies for the school meals before the food becomes even more expensive.

We will probably support the school lunch program more often in the near future – and continue to rely on your help!

Our account for your donations: DE60 4905 1285 0008 3045 94 – BIC: WELA DE D1OEH

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