We had been planning this trip for a long time and were really looking forward to our journey – this week on Friday, 17.7.2020, we were supposed to go to Ruli with a group of 10 people!

We had already booked the flights in January – and since then we were very excited regarding our trip, the reunion, the anniversary “25 years of friendship” and of course the visit of the new toilets.

Nobody expected  during our planning that anything could prevent us from flying to Kigali – however, now everything turned out differently…

We waited and hoped for a long time, but in June our flights were all cancelled – and it was certainly the right decision! So far, all friends and partners in Ruli are doing well and nobody is infected by the Covid-19 virus – and hopefully it will stay like that!

On June 30th, the Council of the European Union lifted the travel restrictions for residents of some specific third countries – one of them was Rwanda.
Press Release European Council – What a great success for the whole country thanks to the consistent measures taken over weeks and months.

Hopefully, this positive development in Rwanda will continue!

Reluctantly, we cancelled our trip with an official letter: Cancellation of Ikiraro visit 2020

Stay healthy – that’s the most important thing! And we will certainly plan the next trip as soon as everything is safe again.


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