Unfortunately, the Corona virus has already reached Rwanda. As far as we know, however, there is currently no case in Ruli. As of today (25.04.2020) there are 176 Corona cases in Rwanda and no reported deaths.

Our friends and their families are at home nearly all the time. The lockdown, which currently lasts until April 30th, is very strictly controlled there – among other things with drones, during the day by police and community workers and from 6 p.m. with the darkness soldiers guard the total lockdown. The penalties are also severe – visitors and the barkeeper of an illegal private bar had to pay ten euros per person.

Men who worked illegally in one of the currently closed coltan mines even had to go to prison.

The hygiene measures are announced in the village by means of loudspeakers and hand washing stations and dispensers for disinfectants are set up.

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And in Rwanda, too, masks are compulsory – it is very practical that the women of “our” Impore sewing shop are currently sewing and selling protective masks themselves.

Last week they sold 380 masks within two days at a price of about 50 cents each.


We wish everyone great strength in this execeptional time and hope that we all overcome this crisis in good health.


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